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Creating accessible platforms for high school students to learn, develop, and positively impact different social issues on a variety of scales.


To help high school students discover Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)  programming and use the knowledge they learn through our initiatives to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

Our Projects & Events


A semester-long initiative that aims to equip high school students with the means to actively address social issues. Through learning from existing leadership, first-hand experiences, relevant initiative examples, and many more resources students are encouraged to launch their own mini-initiative targeting a social issue of their choice.



The Social Change and Youth Leadership Conference (SCYLC) is a two-day conference for high school students in the GTA that focuses on awareness of global development and critical engineering thinking skills. 



A semester-long mentorship initiative that introduces engineering design concepts to budding high school students. Throughout regular weekend workshops, students will be taught how to apply the engineering design process to solve social issues (or even regular problems) of their choice. 

Designers Looking at the Computer


VolunteerYE is a project that aims to allow high school students to help the society and take some action by volunteering with local groups in the GTA such as homeless shelters and shoreline cleanups. 


This year,there will be a new collaboration with the EWB Foodbank team where students will have the opportunity to help out at our foodbank. 

Food Donation

Recruitment & Resources

Currently recruiting for Embedded Execs!

Deadline: Sep 28 @ 11:59pm 

Youth Engagement

Our primary goal is to guide high school students to become innovators, problem-solvers, and future leaders by furthering their understanding of local and global development issues.


Every year we create a variety of initiatives focused on teaching youth about collaboration, utilizing the engineering design process, and equipping them with the tools for meaningful change.


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