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Planting Trees

Sustainability & Environmental Justice

Our portfolio envisions a local community that is more aware and involved in sustainable practices and fights for environmental justice everyday.


We work through our three pillars of action, advocacy, and awareness to increase sustainability and create positive climate change. 

Green Energy Turbines


A world where everyone has equitable access to the knowledge of their environment and a supportive platform to be able to implement actionable changes in their communities.


Inspiring, sensitizing, and supporting the growth of innovative projects and people working towards environmental justice within local communities and on a global scale. 

Our Projects & Events

Our projects aim to implement actionable changes that motivate and inspire people to be more interested in our world and care about the environment and the laws, regulations, and policies surrounding it.

  • What is your project proposal?

  • A rough timeline for your plan

  • A rough idea of what you would like your team to look like (we will be recruiting additional members in the fall to help out with projects so just a rough idea of whom you will need to recruit and what skillsets they should have would be helpful) 

🌱 Steps Towards Sustainability

This project seeks to engage students with personal climate actions, with a focus on the most impactful interventions. This year, we are inviting you to submit proposals for a design-based environmental/sustainability project. This project is currently recruiting for 2 project leads (feel free to submit your proposal with a friend!). For your proposal, please be prepared to discuss:

Sustainable Energy

🚗 Urban Transportation Engsoc Collaboration 

In collaboration with The University of Toronto’s Engineering Society, this project is aimed at subsidising bike share passes for students.More details will be published later, but if making transit to Skule affordable and clean sounds like your jam, feel free to apply!


🏫 Curriculum Change

Our ongoing curriculum change project seeks to increase the discussion of sustainability and the engineer’s role in it in the core curriculum at UofT. The project has spent the last few years drafting a proposal, and will be continuing in the fall. This project will potentially partner with the Sustainable Engineers Association at UOFT to begin carrying out change by interacting with professors and EngSoc, since most of the groundwork of this portfolio has been covered. 

Taking Notes in Classroom

 🗑️ Waste Management

The waste management team is currently working on an app for UofT students that will help them manage and regulate their cooking/eating habits so that they feel empowered to incorporate sustainable and healthy decision-making in their lives. Over the past two years, previous project leads have been working on developing a basic app, and over the next year we will be focusing on fine-tuning the app and preparing it for outreach/marketing. Project leads will need to have some sort of software development skills/experience.

Eating Salad

👥 Community Partnership

This project will build and act on a partnership with  local climate-focused groups. Partnerships are a way our unique perspective and skills as a portfolio can be applied to diverse problems, and allow us to learn from other groups and gain their strengths. The External and Internal leads are part of this portfolio, with the former focusing on forming collaborations within UOFT with clubs and student organisations (like SEA and EngSoc), and the latter focusing on organisations and NGOs within the Greater Toronto Area, Nationwide, or even internationally (like TCAN).

Fists in Solidarity

📚 Learning & Development

The Learning project will run monthly workshops for chapter members and other students on key topics in sustainability. These workshops will seek to inspire attendees and provide them with a roadmap towards action. This project will partner with the other EWB portfolios on workshops exploring the intersection of sustainability with other issues. The 2 Learning and development leads will be part of this portfolio.

Young People at a Workshop


22/23 Positions Coming Soon!

General Member Involvement


Other Lead Positions

  • Marketing Lead 

  • Finance Lead

  • 2 Learning & Development Leads

Project or General Member

  • Sign up for any initiative you're interested in. 

  • Join and contribute to the portfolio they way you want 

  • Attend monthly socials for fun games and updates! 

  • Chime in our learning sessions and takeaway some info about sustainability and our society


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