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Our Portfolios


  • Our initiatives guide high school students to become innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders by furthering their understanding of local and global development issues.

  • We also strive to teach students about collaboration, the engineering design process, and utilizing the desire for meaningful change. This allows them to help solve the world’s toughest social, environmental, and economic problems easily!

We equip high school students with the necessary tools for systemic change.

  • We work through our three pillars of action, advocacy, and awareness to increase sustainability and create positive climate change. 

  • Our upcoming projects include a workshop series, a curriculum change, advocacy, lifecycle assessments of green policy, a vegan recipe club, and more!

We envision a local community that is more aware and involved in sustainable practices and fights for environmental justice every day.

  • We aim to provide a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions about the ethical implications of technology and engineering design.

  • Through hands-on projects, learning sessions, and critical discussion, we aim to demonstrate that keeping technology socially accountable requires interdisciplinary reflection and cooperation.

We want to bring together students from across disciplines to challenge the notion that tech development is an apolitical field.

  • We develop and support initiatives that strive to provide tangible solutions to local communities affected by poverty.

  • Our goal this year is to assemble a team of creative and passionate individuals who want to learn, educate, and take action against the issues caused by poverty.

We envision a world where the systems enabling poverty are dismantled through education and a shared drive for equity; where every community will have a pathway to prosperity.

  • We want students, engineers, and global citizens to be aware of the impact that policies can have on the different communities around them, and how they can advocate for necessary changes to these policies.

  • We plan to foster a group of critical thinkers that can effectively analyze policies and their impact on communities. We want to create change and promote advocacy by participating in advocacy events and partnering with other portfolios in EWB, and other groups outside our chapter. 

We educate the community about the societal impacts of different policies and encourage people to come together to advocate for more equitable policies.

  • We let students understand Canada’s colonial context and its consequences to be prepared to work respectfully with Indigenous Peoples in their careers.

  • We engage in cultural events, cultural competency trainings, and hands-on design projects that directly work with an Indigenous community.

We strive to promote reconciliation by showcasing the resilience and strength of Indigenous Peoples.

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