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Policy  and Advocacy

 We want to foster a group of critical thinkers that can effectively analyze policies and their impact on communities. We aim to create change and promote advocacy by participating in advocacy events.

Join us and get involved with various groups by partnering with the other portfolios in EWB.


An environment in which students, engineers, and global citizens are aware of the impact that policies can have on the different communities around them, and how they can advocate for necessary changes to these policies.


To educate the community about the societal impacts of different policies, and encourage people to come together to advocate for more equitable policies.


1. Fostering a group of critical thinkers that can effectively analyze policies and their impact on communities.

2. Creating change and promoting advocacy by participating in advocacy events.

3. Expose PA and EWB members as well as the broader engineering and/or STEM community to interdisciplinary methodologies in engaging with systemic change, and educate the broader community about how to examine policy and use it as a tool for change

Our Projects & Events

Policy Pod

Have you ever wanted to make a podcast? Join our team for the chance to create (or even host!) a podcast. The podcast is about student advocacy at UofT and we cover topics such as mental health advocacy, student finance advocacy, and imposter syndrome, with the goal being to highlight student activism, and help others understand how advocacy works on campus.


Monthly Events

This will be an opportunity for members to learn about policy and advocacy outside of our discussion group. This may involve attending workshops, town hall events, any other external event of interest to our members. During weeks where we attend an event, we will not host a weekly discussion.


Weekly Discussions

This is a space for students to learn! We will have different topics & discussion points weekly. Our goal is to gain an understanding of the systemic issues currently present at different levels of organization that can be addressed by the Chapter, as well as propagate news relating to policy changes or political issues that involve social impact. No experience is necessary, all are encouraged to participate. Students can also choose to lead a session based on topics that interest them. 

College Friends

Moral Code Hackathon (CEDR x PA)

We're collaborating with CEDR to run a hackathon focused on tech ethics and policy during the 2022-23 academic year. This event will challenge student participants to prototype and pitch technical and/or policy solutions to tech ethics problems, such as AI ethics, privacy law, digital surveillance, online censorship, and related areas.

College Classroom

Recruitment & Resources

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