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Member Development!

This group is compromised of learning and community events.


Learn about social issues and make new friends in the process! 

  • Our vision is for all individuals to be aware of the critical issues in their surroundings and have the drive to create a positive impact. 



  • While developing a safe environment through events and activities, we want to foster learning and awareness about impending social, environmental, and political issues and the possible ways to create a change. 


  • Making chapter members feel empowered to take part in impactful work within the chapter and make meaningful contributions.

  • Creating a space where members can meet like-minded people and have a supportive community that helps each other grow and motivates/inspires one another.

Fall Semester


All about EWB (initial event, Jeopardy) + National Truth and Reconciliation Day (Sept 30) Indigenous history and rights (Speaker (Stories), Teach a craft ideally, back up Decorate your own - Orange T-Shirts)  

More details soon


Introduction to SDGs (maybe w/ SEJ) + Waste Reduction Week Campaign (impact related discussion event)      

More details soon


Cyber Ethics and Digital rights(computer security day is Nov. 30) (Speaker Event, panel discussion w/ Citizen Lab and CEDG Portfolio) + Mental Health Awareness Month Event (Inside Out Movie Night (w/ hot chocolate) (collab w/ community, discussion(stigma,uni resources, inter-gen trauma, activity (letter writing campaign/ care packages))

More details soon


December: Poverty Alleviation (Gift Drive, collab w/ Kids NGO or Hospital Wing and PA portfolio)  

More details soon

Winter Semester


Speaker’s Event  

More details soon


Valentines Day (Secret Valentine Event - w/ Internal & Community) + Black History Month Event (Hidden Figures Movie Night (w/ hot chocolate))

More details soon


Earth Hour - Glow in the dark Trivia Night (march 25th) + Women’s Day Campaign (Women Shelter) (March 8)

More details soon


Something related to sustainability (Earth day) + EWB Games (with community and maybe YE)

More details soon
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