Local Poverty Alleviation (LPA) Portfolio

About LPA

LPA is one of Engineers Without Borders’ six portfolios. Notably, the LPA envisions a world where poverty is eradicated in our community and our university is equipped, through a diverse and resilient community, to overcome new challenges relating to poverty. Our mission is to develop the systems necessary to sustainably alleviate and eradicate poverty in our communities through education, advocacy and action.

Projects & Initiatives


A Toronto where poverty rates have decreased since 2021. Where impoverished youth are supported through housing and education, and affected people are able to experience upward mobility.


To use resources of the University of Toronto to advantage local communities affected by poverty. To advocate for legislative change in the city, as well as to provide immediate short-term aid to affected communities.


1. Host meaningful portfolio learning sessions

2. Foster discussion at portfolio roundtable meetings

3. Expand support for Toronto's empoverished communities

4. Support LPA projects and increase creativity and impact

Getting Involved in LPA

There are two (2) co-leads in LPA, and we are responsible for overseeing and supporting projects, educating our members on poverty alleviation, inspiring them to work in social impact, and collaborating with other EWB portfolios and organizations with common goals. Each project within LPA has a project-lead, who is responsible for facilitating goal-setting, leading project meetings, allocating tasks and encouraging team engagement, and communicating the project’s budget needs. Within each project, there are also general members that help make the team’s vision come to life by taking part in a number of activities relating to their respective project(s), while participating in team building and development opportunities.

While our learning leads are planning for LPA’s learning sessions, we are planning to have our socials at the end of the month. We will provide information as we get closer to the month.


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