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A world where the systems enabling poverty are dismantled through education and a shared drive for equity, and every community has a pathway to prosperity.


We develop and support initiatives that strive to provide tangible solutions to local communities affected by poverty.


1. Host meaningful portfolio learning sessions

2. Foster discussion at portfolio roundtable meetings

3. Expand support for Toronto's empoverished communities

4. Support LPA projects and increase creativity and impact

  • Development

Promote member development within the portfolio by providing opportunities and resources to be involved with learning sessions or the creation of small-scale initiatives.

  • New Initiatives


Implement new initiatives that are able to address the immediate needs of individuals affected by poverty in the GTA.

  • Unification


Unify the portfolio and support existing initiatives toward reaching their goals.

  • Education


Educate the broader community, through creative means, on the causes and social effects of poverty and inequality.

Our Projects & Events

Transit Equity Project

The project's ultimate goal is to demonstrate the benefits of public transportation as a tool which connects impoverished youth with access to healthcare, education, and career opportunities.


In 2022/2023 this research project will connect a group of Toronto's homeless youth with access to free public transit for a three month period.


The project ultimately aims to publish a paper demonstrating the necessity of free transit, works in collaboration with metrolinx in order to provide free transit passes to Toronto's homeless youth.


Community Garden

This project will aim to build a community garden for and maintained by UofT students!


Ideally, it will offer produce to supplement the non-perishable goods at the foodbank, while teaching gardening skills and raising awareness about food systems (e.g. through workshops and marketing once the garden is up and running).


This project would potentially be in collaboration with Hart House farms - though the project lead would have the flexibility to scope the project, plan the garden, and find an appropriate location. 

Community Garden

Emergency Mailing Address

A program that will provide homeless individuals with a pseudo-address for filling out documents  & registering with services, and allow them to pick up their mail from a specific collection point.

Mail Box 2

Tutoring Initiative

A program that aims to provide tutoring for students in low-income neighbourhoods for free, as well as opportunities to supplement and enrich their learning.

Mother and Daughter at the Table

Connect to Educate

A collaborative initiative with CEDR that has a primary goal of creating a user-friendly platform that aims to teach and enforce digital literacy. 

Digital Devices

Thrift Store Initiative

A pop-up initiative that offers clothing and other items for students and community members in need. Ideally, it will work based off of donated items.

Second hand


  • Each project within LPA has a project-lead, who is responsible for facilitating goal-setting, leading project meetings, allocating tasks and encouraging team engagement, and communicating the project’s budget needs. 

  • Within each project, there are also general members that help make the team’s vision come to life by taking part in a number of activities relating to their respective project(s) while participating in team building and development opportunities.

  • While our learning leads are planning for LPA’s learning sessions, we are planning to have our socials at the end of the month. We will provide information as we get closer to the month.

General Member Involvement

Leadership Opportunities 

  • Learning Leads (x2)

  • Community Event Leads (x2)

  • Finance Lead

  • Marketing Lead

Project Lead Roles

  • Tutoring Project Lead

  • Thrift Store Project Lead

Project Member

  • Community Garden project (with FoodBank)

  • Tutoring Initiative

A boy holding a donation box

Local Poverty Alleviation

We envision a world where the systems enabling poverty are dismantled through education and a shared drive for equity; where ultimately, every community will have a pathway to prosperity.


Our goal this year is to assemble a team of creative and passionate individuals who want to learn, educate, and take action against the issues caused by poverty.

School Kid


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