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Indigenous Reconciliation

We envision a community within Skule and the University of Toronto that dives deep into the culture of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.


Simultaneously, in this community, we will be advocating and educating ourselves on current and historical events occurring in Canada due to colonization.


We hope to create an environment where students understand Canada’s colonial context and its consequences and are prepared to work respectfully with Indigenous Peoples in their careers.


We strive to promote reconciliation by showcasing the resilience and strength of Indigenous Peoples by engaging in weekly learning discussions, attending cultural events & trips, and working on a design project with an Indigenous community.


A community where UofT students understand Canada’s colonial history, its lasting legacy, and the steps we need in order to decolonize our society. To foster curiosity of Indigenous culture and explore the resilience and strength of Indigenous people by engaging in dialogues and cultural events.


To bring awareness to reconciliation by engaging through open dialogues and conversations, hands-on design projects to help an Indigenous community, and attending cultural events to further explore the culture on Turtle Island. We hope to create understanding, empathy, and action towards Indigenous reconciliation in Canada.


1. Plan and host at least 2 in-person cultural events per semester (plus one in the next summer).

2. Host a cultural competency training and a KAIROS Blanket.

3. Plan and host at least 6 learning and open dialogue sessions during the year.

4. Help an Indigenous community using diligent care and ethical practices as our design project.

5. Collaborate with at least one of the other portfolios on either a design project or learning session.

Our Projects & Events

In class

Learning Sessions

Workshops Include:

  • KAIROS Blanket

  • Cultural Competency Training


We will dive deeper into understanding:

  • Injustices faced by the indigenous community

  • Culture

Creative process

New Design Project

We are currently undergoing numerous changes which include a new engineering design project.


We will be partnering with a local or provincial Indigenous community to support the current systematic issues they are facing. Stay tuned for more information this upcoming September!

Looking at Paintings


  • Cultural festivals

  • Film Festivals

  • Art exhibits

  • Museum trips

  • Language Learning


Hello everyone! We are currently recruiting 4 positions this upcoming school year which are the following:

  • Learning Lead

  • Events and Partnerships Lead

  • Design Project Lead(s)

  • Marketing Lead

If you have more questions, email us!


Deadline to apply: September 18th at 11:59 PM EST



IR Recruitment Info 2022

Recruitment Form 


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