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Engineers Without Borders

University of Toronto Chapter

EWB UofT is a student organization at the University of Toronto. We are a vibrant community of changemakers who are passionate about creating system-based solutions that address the root causes of issues in our university, local, and global communities. EWB UofT incubates impactful projects, runs inspiring workshops and events, and focuses on the personal development of all members.

Our chapter has an Administrative team, a General Member space, and a Project space. The Project space is split into three branches: Community Projects, Programs, and Technical Projects.

Community Projects


Our Community Branch hosts projects that serve our university and local communities. Some of these projects include:

  • On campus foodbank

  • Community garden

  • Food Systems Advocacy, a food security research project

  • Walkable Cities, a local transportation research project

  • Emergency Mailing Addresses



Through EWB’s legacy programs and events, we engage high school students and fellow UofT peers to consider the social implications of engineering. Our flagship projects include:

  • SCYLC (Social Change and Youth Leadership Conference)

  • EWBeyond

  • Innomasters

  • EWB Hackathon

Technical Projects


The Technical Branch is new to EWB UofT this year. Through this branch, we aim to start a couple of new projects where students can tangibly apply their engineering skills towards social causes. We aim to work with partners across the globe to develop meaningful connections and explore opportunities to use our skills to make a real impact.

General Member Space

These events are designed to stimulate thought-provoking discussions, create a stronger EWB community, and offer members with a means to give back to the community:

  • CyberTalks, discussions about cyber ethics and security

  • Community Partnerships,  opportunities for members to take part in advocacy efforts 

  • Indigenous Reconciliation workshops and events

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